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Should you count your visitors or customers?

Whenever your premises are open to the public and performance or profit are an issue, counting people is a useful tool. There are many reasons to count your customers and visitors. The benefits that can be brought by a directional people counting system are many, and span across many industries:

  • Shopping malls
  • Museums and libraries
  • Casinos
  • Entertainment centres and theme parks
  • Management centres and property owners
  • Airports
  • Train, bus or ferry stations


Improve customer service.
      By electronically counting traffic at all the mall entrances (including the anchor stores), you derive the solid information you need to measure the effectiveness of your marketing, leasing and management programs, as well as those of your anchor stores.

  • Assess your customer traffic precisely.
  • Evaluate the performance of marketing campaigns (advertising and promotions).
  • Enhance strategic and tactical marketing decisions.
  • Obtain accurate statistics for trends analysis.
  • Generate rental zone differentials.
  • Analyse the impact of climatic variance.
  • Obtain an optimum evaluation of trading hours.
  • Improve staff planning.
  • Manage work in progress management better (renovations etc…).
  • Optimize your energy management (air conditioning and heating).
  • Identify the best opening hours.
  • Find out the hotspots and the coldspots.
  • Perform store location analysis.
  • Estimate the resale value of a shop through its direct relation to the number of customers who enter its premises
  • Improve tenant sales and mall profits by increasing both the quantity and quality of mall traffic.


Know the exact customer traffic In real time.

  • Know the most visited exhibits.
  • Produce subsidy applications based on the number of visitors or borrowers!
  • Optimize staff scheduling.
  • Find out which opening hours generate the highest number of visitors.
  • Measure the effects of the average time spent in the various areas.
  • Adjust staff scheduling to the number of visitors.
  • Measure the effects of advertising.


Manage your staff better:

  • When counting your visitors electronically at all the entrances, you derive the solid information you need to measure the effectiveness of your management program. Furthermore you can see what the peak traffic times (time of day, day of the week, etc.) are, better coordinate your maintenance crews, evaluate the number of croupiers and other customer service staff, and assess customer needs.
  • Know which areas are the most popular: Counting people shows you which tables are the most popular. Based on that information you can rearrange your floor set-up in order to maximize your floor usage.
  • Security and safety management:Due to safety regulations, establishments have capacity limitations. Your people counting system equips you with verifiable figures to provide to the authorities.


Know how many visitors are on site

  • Know which attractions have the most visitors
  • Determine peak hours
  • Improve staff management
  • Improve safety and security measures: Know if you have reached your maximum allowed capacity and where your visitors go.

  • Know how many people are in the buildings.
  • Determine the best opening and closing hours.
  • Improve staff management.


  • Airports are ranked according to their number of passengers. Our people counting system will give you reliable figures on which to base your ranking.
  • Improve maintenance staff management.
  • Improve safety measures: know about traffic trends and prepare accurately in the event of an evacuation.


  • Identify peak operating hours.
  • Obtain a good profile of the station's usage (arrival or departure).
  • Improve staff management.