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What are the benefits of counting people?

When traffic is fluctuating, business is fluctuating. But do you always understand the factors that are affecting traffic? You may think sales reports and a walk around the shopping centre or museum tell you all about your visitors and customers. But a people counting system is like having an army of people looking at your building, all the time, every day of the year. We can help you see trends. We can help you "zoom out" and reach beyond today's sales or visitor figures. Here are some factors that can be assessed once you analyze accurate data:

The location factor

  • To evaluate environmental changes (constructions etc...)
  • To find out what are the effects of new competition
  • To adjust rent figures in real relation to traffic value.

The attraction factor (inside/outside traffic comparison)

  • To compare the pull of different looks, themes, and stores in a same mall or museum
  • To evaluate the success of visual marketing and renovations
  • To appraise the effect changes in tenants or exhibition
  • To confirm the success of promotions, and other merchandising activities
  • To Identify attractive public areas
  • To get a snapshot of activity on a store-by-store or zone-by-zone basis.

The hold factor

How long do your clients stay inside? How do we get this data? Our sensors detect direction of passage and our software algorithms compile and compare the data. Hence, we can deduct the average length of a person's stay in the mall. In real time.

Here is what some of our customers make of their people counting data:

  • Optimize promotional spending
  • Compare locations
  • Assess the effects of changes
  • Improve customer service
  • Respect safety regulations
  • Be ready for the future


Advertising and store organization both attract and influence customers. Measuring human traffic helps sort out each factor's influence. Generally, a campaign producing a 7% rise in total sales could be declared a success. However, if people counting figures showed a 30% increase in visitors, the campaign hasn't reached its full potential!

Measuring customer traffic has several benefits:

  • Get a much more accurate idea of the relative importance of sales and visitor aspects on your business.
  • Grab this new opportunity to focus your efforts effectively.
  • Optimize your advertising and promotional budgets.


A more detailed vision will allow subtler responses to changing circumstances. Counting your visitors gives you a comprehensive view of the employees' efforts in each store:

  • Compare individual store performances.
  • Provide a fairer evaluation when equipped with complete knowledge.
    • For example, if a store experiences reduced sales while maintaining its conversion rate with the diminished number of visitors, this could be due to outside circumstances beyond the employees' control.


Changes are regularly made inside shopping centres, such as tenant turnout, renovations or special events. A store needs to evaluate two kinds of customer traffic: outside traffic (people passing in front of the store) and inside traffic (people actually inside the store). The inside/outside ratio gives your store’s attraction rate, which provides a good idea of the influence of changes brought about in the front window or even to the store's general layout.


Waiting too long can cause the customer to go elsewhere next time. Measuring your customer traffic precisely tells you how many people are present in the store and thus helps adjust employee assignment, especially at the cash registers, a common source of customer dissatisfaction.


Some buildings are imposed limits on the number of persons allowed inside. An automatic counting system helps in limiting the attendance to the authorized number and provides the concerned authorities with verifiable numbers.


Measuring interior and exterior human traffic is a new field of activity which will offer benefits we haven't yet imagined.

  • Help better dispose and display merchandise.
  • Obtain figures on service efficiency at the cash registers.
  • Count cars in your parking area and get a complete profile of your human traffic.