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Counting People in Buildings: Museums, Shopping Centres, Casinos, Airports

In the people counting field, our clients are casinos, shopping centres, stores, airports, and museums. Their paramount concern, besides accuracy, is aesthetics.

Our products must be invisible to your patrons.

This is why we offer customization options that permit installing counting sensors that look as though they are part of the original design of the room and/or door. We work very hard to come up with concealment solutions that make our counting equipment blend in with the background.

Another important factor in large buildings is networking: most of our customers would like to avoid downloading data manually. Infodev's people counting systems can integrate into your existing Ethernet network, use their own serial network or even communicate wirelessly via our own radio modems!

Finally, our brand new web-based software permits seeing reports and analyses from anywhere in the world. Centres in a chain can even be centralized in one database for high-level comparisons.

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System Overview

Our automatic people counting systems and counters work with the same building blocks, regardless of where they are installed:

  1. Counting sensors are installed in doors and passageways and count the persons passing in their field of view.
  2. Data-Loggers receive sensor signals and store the data to memory.
  3. Data transfer devices take your data from the Data-Loggers to the office computer.
  4. Analysis software turns huge amounts of data into useful, usable information.

People counting systems for buildings

Infodev is the only company offering counting systems that require no cabling in your building.

Wireless systems are becoming an industry standard. Infodev is proud to be at the forefront of this movement. Installing wires in a centre may represent 25% to 50% of the total project cost.

Think of the savings to your bottom line results...another reason to choose Infodev's people counters.

Measuring traffic in your centre is finally simple, inexpensive and fun: Our user-friendly software will present the information and reports you need to market your centre effectively in an easy-to-understand way. After all, the point of such a system is to count how many customers come in your store, how many visitors stroll through your galleries, even how many clients are waiting in line! You should not have to worry about anything else regarding your people counting system.

Our latest software, Trends, gives you insights on your human traffic patterns. With innovative views, see key derived traffic information and people inside in various 3D graphs and colour charts, all that at a speed a thousand times faster than the previous version.