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Installing a Customer Counting System in a Shop, a Store or a Boutique


DEL-10 horizontal stand-alone counter

DEL-10 horizontal stand-alone counter

The success of a shop or store is usually measured in its sales. However, a more accurate measurement would be the conversion rate, that is the proportion of potential clients (visitors to the store) that decide to buy. Hence, a store that would receive very few visitors could be evaluated more fairly.

Furthermore, a chain can compare figures from its customer counting systems installed at all its stores, so as to single out those who perform the best and the stores that need improvement.

Depending on the level of accuracy required and the allotted budget, overhead counting equipment or horizontal stand-alone counters are installed in the store entrances. At the head office, a PC calls the people counters regularly and extracts the data.

The store personnel does not have to perform any operation whatsoever on the equipment. Moreover, the customer counting equipment can be embedded in the walls and become both inaccessible and invisible.

Networking schematics for a people counting system ina dial-up network