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Counting People Passing Through a Zone or Wide Passageway

Horizontal counting device schematics

DE-10 horizontal directional sensor

DEL-10 stand-alone people counter

Sometimes, you might want to get an idea of traffic patterns inside your buildings, for example which rooms are most visited in your museum or whether your shopping centre's food court is popular only during lunch.

The DEL-10 stand-alone people counter or the DE-10 horizontal directional sensor are perfect tools for this type of measurement. Because they are horizontal, these directional sensors have a lower lever of accuracy. However, they are perfect for trends assessment.

Installing an horizontal counter in a passageway is quite simple. For the DEL-10, you only need to anchor it to the wall, sometimes only using double-sided tape and some silicone! If you choose to collect data manually from the DEL-10, you don't need to run wires. The unit is stand-alone, but it can be connected to a wired network, include a wireless modem or even be plugged into a dial-up modem.

Installing the DE-10 requires cabling to a DEL-10 or a Data-Logger.