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Installing a People Counting System in Wide Entrances or Doors


Directional sensor array installed at a double door

Directional sensors installed above a wide passageway

Wide entrances or doors present a unique challenge: the counting sensors must "see" every one passing through. After all, if they miss visitors, their accuracy becomes unreliable.

When working with wide openings, for example double doors or open entrances, we usually install our directional counting sensors in an array. This means we install a directional sensor every few inches above the door or passageway. This way, there is always at least one sensor that "sees" the person passing through.

Directional sensors need to be connected to a Data-Logger, which, in turn, connects to either a wired network, a dial-up modem, a wireless modem or a communication connector for manual data collection.

Installation schematics for a people coutning system at a double door

People counting system installed above a passageway