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The Data-Logger is the backbone of our people counting system. It analyses the signals received from the counting sensors in real time, then stores the results in memory. It also transfers data from the entrance to the office computer.

This microcomputer can record data from up to eight sensors. The DL-10 can be networked to dump its data automatically using conventional cables or radio modems. Its data can also be collected manually using a DC-10 Data-Collector.

The Data-Logger can use existing cabling, requiring new wiring only for the counting sensors.


  • Modem capability permits centralizing data from several buildings and comparing it on a larger scale.
  • Wireless networking saves on wiring expenses both at initial installation and upon modifications to the building.
  • Distributed architecture makes every entrance independent and unaffected by potential troubles at other entrances.
  • Multiple communication options permit adapting to your budget and resources.
  • Customizeable design helps the unit blend in with the decor.
  • Diagnostic lights permit testing major functions
  • A laptop computer or Palm device can be connected to visualize real-time counts.
  • Data is available in CSV format, compatible with commonly used software such as Excel, Lotus, and Access.
  • The memory can hold 1 to 3 months of data.
  • A lithium battery maintains the system's time for more than 5 years in case of power loss
  • Data is safely stored permanently in flash memory.


The Data-Logger stores data from counting sensors, then transfers it to the office computer using cabling, the spread-spectrum modem or the Data-Collector.

Memory: 512 kb - 1024 kb
Sensors: Up to 8 DS-10 can be connected to one DL-10

Interface: Networkable TTL-RS-232
Speed: 600 - 230 400 bps

10 to 20 VDC
Consumption: 4 W, 240 mA (sensors' consumption excluded)

Storage temperature: -40 to 60oC / -40 to 140oF
Operation temperature: -40 to 50oC / -40 to 122oF
Humidity: 10-95% not condensing internally

Type: NEMA-4X, high-impact ABS
Weight: 750 g / 1,7 lb.
Size: 7 x 22,2 x 5,5 cm / 5,7 x 8,7 x 2,2 in.
Colour: Black - other colours available.

DL-10 Data acquisition and analysis system


The DL-10 Data-Logger can be installed in most entrances and buildings: