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Collecting Customer Counts Manually


DC-10 Data Collector

Manual data collection is the simplest and most cost-effective way to get your people counts from the entrance to the computer. Using our DC-10 Data Collector, you simply connect it the jack on the DEL-10 or the DL-10 and press its single GO button. The data will transfer automatically to the Data Collector.

Then, walk back to the office and connect the Data Collector to the computer. Data will automatically download and import into the database. Your data is now available in our web-based report tool.

The Data Collector is so easy to use, anyone can extract the data. Often, security guards or maintenance personnel who have to pass by most counting points as part of their routine, are assigned the task of extracting the data.

Manual data collection schematics

Installation schematics for a people counting system with manual data extraction