INFODEV     ISO 9001:2008

Directional People Sensor


The DA-20 directional sensor series was originally designed to count people in public transit vehicles, although it works just as efficiently in building entrances. It detects the passage of people and determines their direction. It incorporates our innovative electro-optical approach.

The DA-20 series can be enclosed in an array of multiple sensors to cover very wide doors. This technology is fully operational and tested. Accuracy, certified by our customers’ extensive testing, is above 95%.

The DA-20 is generally used in conjunction with a DL-10 (on-board microcomputer) which carries out, for each sensor, hundreds of calculations and analysis per second, determining the number and direction of people and registers other data such as the date, time, position, etc.


  • Its customizeable appearance blends in with the surroundings, making it virtually unnoticeable.
  • Its adjustable sensitivity ensures strollers and shopping carts are not counted.
  • User-certificed accuracy levels make your data trustworthy.
  • Directional counts give an extra dimension to your data.
  • Vertical counting ensures no one is hidden behind another person.
  • Compact, unobtrusive design.
  • Diecast aluminium case.
    • Adjustable detection zone.
    • Unaffected by speed of passage.
    • Unaffected by immobile persons.
  • Very effectively separates people following each other closely.
  • Withstands environmental stresses common to buildings.
  • Unaffected by variations in light and temperature.
  • Easily installed and readily linked via conventional 4-cable conductors.
  • Powered by a DL-10 Data-Logger.


The sensor is generally placed on top of the doors. For wide entrances, a multiple sensor configuration is available. It detects passage and direction or people, then sends its data to the Data-Logger. Optics: Maximum height: 2,6 m / 8,5 ft. Maximum coverage* - AR and BR: 76,2 cm / 2,5 ft. - AC and BC: 1,22 m / 3,5 ft. * For one sensor. A series of sensors can cover a wider area. Communication: Analog: Two 0-4,5 VDC signals interpreted by a DL-10B

- Measurement sent digitally to a DL-10, RS-232/485, J1708.
- Counts performed by sensor and sent to a DL-10.

9 to 20 VDC
Consumption: average: 13 mA typical

Storage temperature: -40 to 70oC / -40 to 158oF
Operation temperature: -40 to 60oC / -40 to 140oF
Humidity: 10-95% not condensing internally

Type: Diecast aluminium
Weight: 150 g / 5,3 oz
Size: 9,2 x 3,8 x 3,1 cm / 3,6 x 1,5 x 1,22 in.
Colour: Black - other colours available.


DA-20 AR

  • Axial installation: passing through the longer side of the sensor.
  • Narrow field of view (76,2 cm / 2,5 ft.)

DA-20 AC

  • Axial installation.
  • Wide field of view (0,9 - 1,22 m / 3-4 ft.)

DA-20 BR

  • Transversal installation: passing through the shorter side of the sensor.
  • Narrow field of view (76,2 cm / 2,5 ft.)

DA-20 BC

  • Transversal installation.
  • Wide field of view (0,9-1,22 m / 3-4 ft.)


The DA-20 directional sensor can be installed in most entrances and buildings: