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The DX-10 is a device used to regroup and sometimes power wired Data-Loggers into a network accessible directly from the office computer.

In the DX-10, each Data-Logger is assigned a network address. The DX-10 can then route direct communication between the office computer and the Data-Logger. It can also route automatic data transfers from its Data-Loggers to the office computer.

Using DX-10s has the advantage of limiting the effects of a cut wire to the one DX-10 that is affected, instead of the whole network.


  • Access any Data-Logger on the network from the office computer.
  • Automate data transfers.
  • Distributed architecture makes every entrance independent and unaffected by potential troubles at other entrances.
  • Data-Logger powering option permits counting in areas where a local power source is not available.
  • Infodev's support team’s ability to access the Data-Loggers directly provides you with enhanced support.
  • Long-range networking: the Data-Loggers can communicate with the office computer up to 2 miles away.
  • High-speed networking: reach speeds up to 115 200 bps.
  • Create sub-networks using multiplexers to reduce and simplify wiring.
    • Each Data-Logger group is independent: a broken wire will not affect the operation of other groups.
  • Networking can be done using standard 4-conductor cables.
  • The DX-10 can provide power to the Data-Loggers and sensors connected to it.


The DX-10 is installed at various locations in the building. Data-Loggers are connected to one DX-10. The DX-10s are connected to one central unit in the office. The office computer is connected to the central DX-10. The computer can connect directly to each Data-Logger. Each Data-Logger can transfer its data automatically to the office computer.

Protocol: proprietary, similar to modem protocol
DX-10 addresses: 8, programmable
Baudrate configuration:
Hardware: 9600 or 115 200 bps
Software: 12 baudrates to choose from

RS-485: 8 client modules

@ 115 200 bps: 1000 m / 3280 ft.
@ 9600 bps: 3000 m / 9842 ft.
Cable: size 22 AWG.

PC side: Serial RS-232 or RS-485
Other sides: RS-485.

9 to 20 VDC
Consumption: average: 120 mA typical*
*DX-10 consumption does not include power provided to systems powered by the DX-10.

Storage temperature: -40 to 60oC / -40 to 140oF
Operation temperature: -30 to 50oC / -22 to 122oF
Humidity: 10-95% not condensing internally

Type: Metal
Weight: 2,2 Kg / 4,85 lb.
Size: 28,7 x 29,9 x 7,8 cm / 11,3 x 11,8 x 3,1 in.
Colour: Grey - other colours available.

DX-10 : 1-to-8 communication multiplexer.


The DX-10 multiplexer can be installed in most buildings: