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Infrared Modem


Once the bus has returned to the garage, passenger-counting data needs to be transferred from the on-board microcomputer to a PC computer for analysis.

Two infrared links - one on the vehicle, the second in the garage's fuelling area -download the data automatically to the PC. The data is transferred while the bus is in the service docks, usually while refuelling.

The IR-20’s compact design makes it easy to install inside the bus to transmit data through a window.

It takes 20 to 30 seconds to transfer a full day of data. A unit with a full memory will take about 3-4 minutes to transfer.


  • Error-free data exchanges are ensured with an auto-correcting protocol.
  • The PC produces diagnostic messages reporting the proper operation of the communication link.
  • The IR-20 incorporates a small microprocessor.
  • Up to eight IR-20's can be used on the same standard COM port of a PC for multiple lane operations.
  • Status lights simplify system diagnostics.
  • Compatible with the IRDA (Infrared Data Association) format: the IR-20 can communicate via the infrared link available on most new laptop computers and Palm devices.
  • Our DC-10 Data Collector can also be used with an infrared link.


Installed on-board the vehicles and in the service dock areas of the garage, the units transfer passenger-counting data to the garage computer and upload the on-board computer’s software when necessary.

The IR-20 comes with the optional IRMAN utility. IRMAN is a practical software tool that keeps track of vehicle downloads and helps identify errors or vehicles that have a saturated memory.

Distance from vehicle
Minimum: 60,9 cm / 2 ft.
Maximum: 4,9 - 5,5 m / 16-18 ft.
(in axis, no window).

RS-232 or RS-422
Speed: Up to 115 200 bps:

10 to 20 VDC
Consumption in communication: 22 mA
Consumption when idle: 12 mA

Storage temperature: -40 to 60oC / -40 to 140oF
Operation temperature: -30 to 50oC / -4 to 95oF
Humidity: 10-95% not condensing internally

Type: Diecast aluminium
Weight: 150 g / 5,3 oz
Size: 9,2 x 3,8 x 3,1 cm / 3,6 x 1,5 x 1,22 in.
Colour: Black

IR-20B: Infrared unit for vehicle
IR-20A: Infrared unit for service dock - up to 8 units per serial port


The infrared modem can be installed in most vehicle types:

See how data is transferred between the vehicle and the garage