INFODEV     ISO 9001:2008

Schedule Adherence

Often, a public transit system is seen as "good" or "bad" by its users mostly on the basis of its vehicles running on time. Infodev's schedule adherence system helps you identify problem areas, both in lead and lag times, so you can either adjust the schedules or optimize the routes.




  • Easily identify problem areas.
  • The system functions independently as a whole. It can produce reports for all routes at once or only a few specified ones if necessary.
  • Infodev's systems interface easily with your scheduling and geographic databases.


The schedule adherence system requires some equipment to be installed in the vehicle:

If you already have Infodev's passenger counting system installed, you need not install supplemental hardware in the vehicle.

Whenever the vehicle stops, the GPS antenna records a position and heading reading. Once back in the garage, the data is transferred to the garage computer, imported into the analysis software and available for report production. The reports are produced by cross-referencing the stops and GPS readings data to identify stops and terminals, then scheduling data with GPS timestamps to identify lead and lag times.