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How should you choose your counting system provider?

Choosing a people counting system provider is choosing a business partner that will be with you for a long time, a company that will remain as long as you intend to use your people counting system. After all, wear and tear is normal, and the provider you choose must still be there after many years when you need replacements. Here is our list of aspects on which to assess people counting providers:

Company Size
No matter how glossy the brochure, it doesn't tell how big the company is. Sometimes hiring two persons working out of their basement may sound like a cost-effective idea, but five years down the road, how will you find them if you need replacement parts?

Moreover, a company that has a technical support team and a development team is more likely to come up with a solution should you have a problem after your have bought the system.

Infodev is a medium size business counting about 60 employees. We design, produce and install our own products. We have a team of sales and support staff that won't let you down once your have paid for the system. We see our clients not as once-only transactions but long-term relationships. We believe in word-of-mouth over expensive marketing campaigns, and our reputation around the world is a witness to our commitment to quality.

Technical Support
No matter how flawless the design, over time you will need technical support, if only to maintain the system. Personnel comes and goes, and there is no guarantee that the person who operated the system when it was installed will remain with your company forever. A supplier may tell you their products are so perfect they don't need support. Is he or she saying this to cover the fact that they don't offer technical support at all?

Infodev has a technical support team composed of seasoned professionals to answer any question you may have about your people counting system.

Knowing how long a provider has been in business can be a good assessment of their stability or likeliness to remain in business for the file of your system. Furthermore, with experience comes knowledge: knowing the different situations and issues that may occur, knowing how to solve complex problems, being acquainted with more types of businesses, vehicles and buildings.

Infodev has been a people counting system provider for over 10 years. Its merged founding companies cumulate over 20 more years of experience in data acquisition and software development. We have installed our counting systems in hundreds of vehicles and buildings, all around the world.

A good way to know if your future provider has a good track record is to talk to its existing clients.

Infodev gladly provides a list of completed projects that are similar to yours, with contact persons.

International Presence
In today's increasingly globalised world, any business that offers a quality products sells internationally. Having happy clients in many parts of the world is another tell-tale sign of the adaptive quality of the provider.

Infodev's products are installed on all continents. We are proud to say that our people counting systems will work anywhere in the world.

Technology / Technologies
No technology can fit all situations. A good people counting system provider should offer a wide range of technologies that can adapt to all vehicle and building configurations. Read our article about counting technologies.

Infodev offers the widest range of technologies in the market. We have solutions for very dark or very bright environments, high ceilings and vehicles that are subject to high vibrations.

Production Facilities
Producing your own material gives more control over quality and enables you to adapt products easily and quickly to fit a customer's needs and requirements.

Infodev manufactures all its equipment, down to the lenses.

Software Compatibility, Stability and Support
Not only should you ascertain that the hardware to be installed is reliable and supported, you should also to the same to software. We also recommend that you make sure there is support available for the software. After all, what good are thousands of dollars' worth of equipment if you can't get to the data.

Infodev keeps all its clients' software up-to-date. We offer database-driven powerful software that can produce reports and export them towards commercially available software such as Lotus or Excel.

Installation Professionals
Equipment installation is often as important as the hardware or software. You should remember to include installation costs in a tender request. Also, you should take a closer look at the installers proposed by the provider. Are they experienced? Are they knowledgeable?

Infodev's installation technicians are given a hands-on training that lasts as long as needed for the new technician to be autonomous. We greatly value our installation force. Most of our installation team has been working with us for years.

Replacement Parts
We recommend that you make sure replacement parts will be available for a long time after you purchase the system. This makes sure that you will be able to keep this people counting system operational for a long time.

Infodev still supports and offers replacement parts for all people counting systems sold since its foundation in 1993.

System Life
A people counting system can be an important investment, and as such, you should know how this investment will last.

Infodev's first installed systems are still operations in Québec City, Canada.

Required Maintenance
Once the system is installed, how often will it need to be serviced? How extensive does maintenance servicing needs to be? Will it require a technician?

Infodev's equipment needs some maintenance 2 to 4 times a year. No equipment needs to be opened and no technician is required. All you need to do is make sure the equipment is clean and that it counts correctly. Our support technicians can guide you over the phone if necessary, or provide a written guide.

Warranty & Extended Warranty
A company's product warranty can give you a good idea of its commitment to quality.

Infodev offers 1 year of warranty on part and labour, after which an extended warranty can be purchased every year for as long as you own your people counting system.

Regardless of how simple the people counting system is, its users still need basic training and pointers to get the most out of the system.

Once your people counting system is installed, Infodev's technical support staff will contact you and make sure that you know how to operate the software and that everything is running smoothly. Should you have any question later on, you are always welcome to call them.


We are not a Reseller or Integrator
Infodev is not a reseller or integrator, but a real creator of electronic systems. We have a strong expertise in electro-optical systems, low power circuits, GPS, and complex algorithms. In fact, Infodev offers the widest range of technologies in the industry, making it easy for us to tailor your counting system to your needs and requirements.

We Help you Save on System Cost
We are now offering a procurement option that allows the acquisition of your passenger counting system at half the cost while affording you the services of Infodev's expert staff. This staff of people counting professionals will analyse your hardware operations, process your data, produce the common reports and place all this information in a designated location on your web site. This means that your organization buys the equipment and Infodev will do the rest. This procurement method could cut the implementation costs by nearly fifty percent.

We are the Counting Specialists
We are the only successful company counting people both in buildings and in transit. This variety of markets gives us great stability and makes for a large volume of operation, which enables us to offer the best prices in the people-counting industry.

We are Dedicated Professionals
Our Research and Development team cumulates decades of experience in the field of automated people counting. Our engineers and technicians are dedicated professionals who strive to constantly improve and innovate. Our service experts are knowledgeable, available and prompt to respond to your requests. We know you need your data, and we'll do what it takes to get your system on track and keep it that way.