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Why should you use a directional counting system?

Counting people coming into the vehicle or building is important. However, counting people going out is equally important.

Directional measurements are the only way to know how many people are inside the vehicle or building at any particular time and how long they stay. Without direction, it is impossible to tell if activity measured at peak hours is the result of many people leaving or coming in.

  • Without direction, how can you tell if people only came for your promotional giveaways or stayed longer and made purchases?
  • How can you tell if your visitors simply cross your property to get to a subway station or actually come to shop?
  • How can you tell if your visitors come for the show or the gaming tables?
  • How can you tell that one stop is mostly used by workers who board the vehicle in the morning and alight at night?

Using our directional counters and software, you can receive up to the minute, accurate directional information for all your counting points. Directional counting lets you know how long visitors stay in your building or how long your passengers ride your vehicle.

Directional counting gives an extra dimension to your data. It makes it meaningful.