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Installing a People Counting System in an Airport Terminal


ISSM-20 wireless modem

Directiona people coutning above security gate

Airports can be housed in several buildings or terminals. Moreover, they are usually open 24 hours a day and can offer little "downtime" for installation. Using a wired network is often out of the question.

Installing people traffic counters with a wireless modem at each counting point avoids wiring and saves the time of collecting data manually. This network of wireless counters also enables the airport authority to count at more locations, for example security gates, luggage check-in, corridors, and strategic doors.

For an airport, knowing more about the flow of passenger traffic can be beneficial on two main aspects:

First, having reliable figures on the persons passing through commercial zones is an excellent negociation tool for leases.

Second, knowing how many persons are waiting in line permits adjusting personnel and hence reducing customer frustration.

Networking schematics for a wireless people counting system