INFODEV     ISO 9001:2008

Integration with Third Party Onboard Computer


Sometimes vehicles are already equipped with an onboard computer, hence they don't need Infodev's. Our solution is to install a passenger counting system that integrates with the existing on-board system.

Autonomous directional counters are installed above the doors, where they detect people coming in or going out of the vehicle. These sensors contain all the processing power necessary to count passengers. They are connected to a Communication Gateway, which relays commands between the on-board computer and the counting sensors, such as to begin counting, to transfer data or to delete the counts.

This solution is very simple to install: only one cable is run between the Communication Gateway and the sensors. All counting sensors connect to that same cable. This saves installation and wiring expenses.

The data collected in the Communication Gateway is transferred by the third-party on-board computer.

Installation shcematics for integrating a passenger counting system with a third-party onboard computer