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Counting Sensor

Counting sensors by INFODEV EDI

15 years of fundamental research have helped us develop a solid approach to passenger counting in buses, trains and other public transit vehicles. Our sensors reach an accuracy between 97.5% to 99.5%, which has been proven many times over. Furthermore, our technology is accurate directly at the door level, without the correction factor and costly time consuming recurrent on-vehicle calibration and installation. This can be acknowledged by the customer witnessing our unique transparent accuracy validation process. 

Our sensor uses its own invisible light source, in such a way that they are not affected by environmental conditions, as well as speed of passage or passengers standing idly under the sensor. The counting data produced by the sensors are associated with specific doors, and the time and location of every stop or station. This detailed combined data makes it possible to generate customized and very specific reports that provide a strong base for profitable decisions. 

The sensors are powered by the Gateway 400 (GW-400) and it gets in return, via a digital communication link, readings from the sensors. The GW-400 then processes the signals and interprets the optical signature of passengers and objects to accurately count people. 

Use our Software and APPs to get insightful information about your counting data.


Icone APC - Accuracy


Highly accurate in detecting passenger boarding and alighting the vehicle

icone APC-quick easy

Quick & Easy

Ingenious bolt-on design allows for a quick installation

Icone APC - Flexible architecture


Solutions for both narrow and wide doors

icon APC - High Tech


Innovative electro-optical approach

  • Third generation electro-optic technology, with improved sensitivity
  • Exceed client accuracy acceptance test
  • Offers you peace of mind, performance and reliability, with no surprises or hidden costs


Third Generation

Directional counting sensor

Infodev EDI inc DA-400 sensors different sizes


INFODEV EDI’s DA-400 is a directional sensor designed to count passengers in public transit vehicles, such as buses, trams or trains. These sensors can be as thin as 13.5 mm, which allows for easy surface or inside-panel mounting above doors, even under tight clearance restrictions. Multiple sensors are integrated within a single aluminum bar, according to the width of the door. This high-precision machined bar holds the miniature sensor optics and the electronics. Sunny or dark lighting, weather conditions and speed of passage will not affect the system performance, because it uses its own invisible light.

The DA-400 sensors are factory-calibrated and specially designed for a quick installation using only a few screws. This clever ”bolt-on design” eliminates the complications and the costs associated with alterations to the vehicles and multiple sensor adjustment during installation and commissioning. The DA-400 is truly a ‘‘plug and play’’ sensor. What’s more, our in-house CNC machine allows us to provide custom designs to our clients within a short period of time. 

The DA-400 can be installed at the best location in your vehicle to count accurately, even in crowded situations. This location is directly near the door edge and requires no minimum distance between the passenger’s head and the sensor. The length of the sensor also provides a complete optical view of the door, thus eliminating blind spots.  

Application Example

DA-400 Features

  • As low as 13-mm thick
  • Discreet and aesthetic finish
  • Sizes : From 9.8'' to 42.5'' X 2.2'' X 0.5'' (L:250-1080 mm W:55mm)
  • Complete optical view of door coverage, no blind spots
  • Integrated optical door detection when needed
  • Factory calibrated, no sensor adjustment or alignment required in the vehicle
  • No required minimum head to sensor distance to count
  • Anti-graffiti paint available
  • Aluminum case that withstands environmental stresses common to vehicle
  • Unaffected by speed of passage or immobile passengers
  • Cost-effective on all aspects (reduced wiring expenses, simple installation, self-calibrate, remotely updatable)


Directional counting sensor

A well-known favourite in the North American Market!


The DA-200 directional sensor is designed to count passengers in buses and other public transit vehicles and is generally placed above the vehicle doors. It detects passage and direction of people, and then sends its data to the on-board microcomputer (GW Series). The DA-200 is built to fit narrow doors and has a single sensor integrated within its aluminum case. It is fully field proven for high accuracy and reliability and is very cost effective.

Application Example

DA-200 Features

  • Very compact, unobtrusive design and simple installation
  • Size: 3.6'' X 1.5'' X 1.22'' (76.2mm X 25.4mm X 25mm)
  • Diecast recyclable aluminum case
  • Unaffected by speed of passage or immobile passengers
  • Very effectively separates people following each other closely
  • Withstand environmental stresses common to transit vehicles
  • Remains accurate through variations in light and temperature
  • No periodical calibration or correction factors required

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