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Automatic Passenger Counting (APC)

Counting your passengers is an important concern. Whether to obtain grants, justify changes to services or simply assess your organization's success, knowing how many persons use your public transit system is a prerequisite.

Directional passenger counting is Infodev's speciality. We installed our first directional counting system in a bus in 1995. Since then, we have refined and improved our counting system to a point where it provides counting accuracy above 95% and usually reaches 97-98%!

Many public transit organizations rely on manual checkers, believing they provide plenty of valid data from which to produce reports. However, manual checkers are only human: they make mistakes, they get tired and they can only work on so many vehicles for so many hours.

Using an automated people counting system (also known as an automatic passenger tracking system) is like having extremely reliable manual checkers that work every day and never tire out. Read our article comparing manual checkers and APC systems.

Infodev's APC system is small, robust, flexible and reliable. Our directional counting technologies are installed in hundreds of vehicles around the world. Read our article about directional counting.

The data you get from your automatic passenger counters is used to produce user-friendly reports and graphs that give you an accurate picture of your ridership.


  • Get reliable ridership figures automatically, without human intervention.
  • Compared to manual checkers, requires less post-processing of counting data, as APC data is transferred automatically to the garage computer and easily imported into the database.
  • The system can be connected to many vehicle parameters and optional accessories to provide a comprehensive overview of your vehicle fleet:
    • Travel times.
    • Passenger boarding and alighting points.
    • Driver behaviour.
    • Engine performance / wear and tear, as well as data on other engine or vehicle parameters.
  • The system can be easily transformed into an intelligent transportation system (ITS) with advanced functions:
  • Use passenger load information at a particular station or stop to decide whether to improve station facilities, attract new passengers and increase revenue.


Infodev's directional APC system is composed of basic building blocks, the passenger counting equipment, to which optional accessories can be added for add

  • The heart of the system is the DL-10B, the on-board computer. It receives signals from the vehicle, the people counters and other devices, depending on the complexity of the system.
  • The directional counting sensors are installed above the doors. They count passengers and determine their direction, then send the data to the on-board computer.
  • Transfer devices are used to get the information from the on-board computer to the garage computer for analysis:
    • The Data-Collector is a small device that holds in your hand. It is first connected to the on-board computer manually, then connected to the computer to dump the data.
    • The intelligent spread-spectrum modem (ISSM-20) or the infrared modem (IR-20) transfer data automatically while the vehicle is being refuelled.
    • Read mode about data transfer methods.
  • Engine and other vehicle signals can be connected to the on-board computer for cross-reference or preventive maintenance analysis.
  • Optional devices are simply connected to the on-board computer using standard analog or digital inputs:
  • The data is fed into our web-based report system. You can produce standard reports and graphs, or have custom reports built for your organization.