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Counting Passengers in Vehicles: Buses, Light Rail, Trains, Subways, Ferry Boats

Counting passengers in vehicles is a unique challenge: we have little control over light conditions, vibration or movement. Moreover, the high number of vehicle types creates widely varied environments where we need to install working people counting equipment. People counting in vehicles also requires tracking the vehicle on the road. Over the years, we have developed a highly accurate GPS-based vehicle tracking systems accompanied with automated data transfer tools and applications. Our automatic passenger counting system tells you not only how many people boarded the vehicle, but WHERE and WHEN they did. Our extended systems can even control traffic lights, provide preventive maintenance information and conduct a vehicle speed analysis to give you a complete picture of your transit system’s territory, schedule adherence and ridership. Our fast and efficient online report application greatly enhances data availability without requiring time-consuming software installation at the users’ workstations.

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System Overview

To count traffic in buses we need to know two things:

  • The number of persons boarding and exiting the bus.
  • The exact location of the bus stop.

Installation schematics for passenger counting systems in public transit vehicles

To get traffic numbers, we install directional sensors above the vehicle's doors. The on-board microcomputer analyses and saves the sensors’ signals in its memory. The sensors can also be connected to existing on-board computers.

Our global positioning system (GPS) antenna gives the location of the bus at it stops along the route. This information is also stored in the on-board microcomputer.

Once in the garage, the data stored in the on-board microcomputer is transferred to a PC-type computer via either infrared modems, spread-spectrum modems, 802.11 LAN or with our DC-10 Data-Collector. This complete passenger-counting system can even exchange data with other on-bus systems using RS-232, RS-485 and the J-1708 protocols.

Your data is finally fed into our web-enabled software suite, producing all the reports your need.

The passenger counting system’s normal operation needs no human intervention.

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