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Intelligent Transportation Systems & Integrated Systems

There are four important basic parameters for public transit operators. In order to manage your vehicle fleet efficiently, you must have information on time, space, people and resources:


In order to manage your vehicle fleet effciently, you must have information on time, space, people and resources.

    • Knowing when your vehicles arrive or depart is essential. After all, your patrons depend on your accuracy not to miss a bus or wait endlessly. You also need to know how long the routes take to travel, and whether your vehicles are early, on time or late.
    • Knowing where your vehicles are is also instrumental. When there are detours or traffic bottlenecks, you need to know about them so you can adjust the time parameter.
    • Of course, knowing how many passengers use your services is a figure few transit system operators can live without. To get grants or justify adding or reducing service, you need justification, by way of passenger-counting data.
    • Resource utilization not only includes expenses, but also maintenance. Preventive maintenance on equipment and vehicles is often a valuable tool to avoid costly repairs later on.

Infodev makes products and systems to help you obtain this information:

  • Our Data-Logging systems act like a computer aboard the vehicle. They keep track of time for each event, from passenger boardings to stops, to vehicles speeds and any vehicle parameter you wish to monitor.
  • Our GPS antenna logs location information in the on-board computer and tells you where your vehicle stopped and where it went.
  • Our people counting equipment also connects to the on-board computer to keep an accurate log of how many passengers boarded or alighted the vehicle at each stop.


Infodev's ITS systems are easy to implement because they use the same basic blocks. Hence, you can easily add integrated systems to your existing Infodev passenger counting system. Click on any of the intelligent transit systems below to read more about them: