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GPS Antenna

Get GPS Readings without Costly DGPS

The GPS antenna is installed either on top of the vehicle roof or inside it, depending on the roof material. The antenna is connected to the DL-10B Data-Logger.

The active antenna captures the data by a satellite. Using dead reckoning, the system produces an automatic position estimate in case of temporary signal loss, usually due to short interruptions caused by tall buildings, also known as the canyon effect. The typical precision of GPS positioning is around 3-5 meters.

The GPS antenna provides other data: the direction (heading) in degrees, the speed of the vehicle and atomic clock time to synchronize the DL-10B’s clock with.


  • The antenna’s sturdy design withstands environmental conditions common to public transit vehicles.
  • Simple installation: an antenna is installed on the roof and the receiver is built-in the DL-10B Data-Logger.
  • User-defined virtual signposts (usually designated stops) are compared to GPS readings to position the vehicle.
    • Helps identify trip duration, irregular routes and routes with few stops.
  • Our unique logging method keeps track of all vehicle movements, recreating the path followed by the vehicle.
    • Know when and where your vehicle goes.
    • Analyse schedule adherence, detours and traffic jams.
  • Powerful identification software accurately identifies stops and routes without high-precision DGPS receivers, a scheduling database or any human intervention.


The GPS system locates the vehicle while passengers board and exit the bus. The location identifies the stop and the route being followed. The GPS antenna is also used in the Traffic Light Priority System.


Centre frequency: 1575,4 MHz
Polarization: Right hand circular polarization (RHCP).


Gain: 25 dB min.
Noise figure: 2.6 max.
Bandwith: 2 MHz min.
Out band attenuation: 12 dB min. @ 140 MHz.


3 to 5 VDC
Consumption: 12 mA


Storage temperature: -40 to 90oC / -40 to 194oF
Operation temperature: -30 to 85oC / -22 to 185oF
Humidity: 10-95% not condensing internally


Exterior Mounting:
Type: NEMA-4X, high-impact ABS
Weight: 265 g / 9,3 oz
Size: 10 cm diameter x 7 cm / 3,9 in. diameter x 2,8 in.
Colour: Black


Interior Mounting:
Type: Polycarbonate-radome & die-cast shell
Weight: 65 g / 2,3 oz
Size: 5,8 x 4,8 x 1,4 cm / 2,3 x 1,9 x 0,6 in.
Colour: Grey.


GPS-EXT: Exterior-mounting GPS antenna
GPS-INT: Interior-mounting GPS antenna


The GPS antenna can be installed in all vehicle types: