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BusStops Data Analysis Software

The people counting data generated by the on-board microcomputer during the trip can be analysed in many different ways: spread-sheet, plots, graphs...


  • The black board is a useful tool that gives you a bird's eye view of your stops and runs. It can highlight the runs you want in different colours so you can have an immediate idea of the distance travelled by your vehicles. You can zoom or pan all you want. Clicking on a stop will provide you with the information you need about this particular stop.
  • Your information will be fully integrated in the Infodev BusStops software. In turn, this information will be used to associate each count with a bus stop.
  • Using the GPS information our system gathered in conjunction with the stops table, BusStops groups all stops into bus runs, so that you can compare runs. You can see arrival and departure times for each stop, the ins, the outs and the loads.
  • On a map, you can see not only the stops with and without passenger boardings and alightings, but also the moving speed of the vehicle, which helps single out slow traffic areas.