INFODEV     ISO 9001:2008

Automated Voice Announcement System

This small system is a practical complementary system to our passenger counting and schedule adherence systems.

This automated voice announcement device lets you communicate with your passengers without distracting the vehicle's operator. You can use it for next stop announcements, general or even promotional announcements.


  • Keep contact with your passengers without distracting the vehicle's operator.
  • Implement a value added-system without major investments.
  • Provide a consistent message environment to your patrons.


Infodev's automated voice announcement adds on easily to our passenger counting system. Its small case is an MP3 player connected to the on-board computer and the vehicle's speakers:

  • The onboard computer cross-references GPS readings with its localisation files to decide which next stop to announce.
  • The MP3 player plays the chosen file and the vehicle's speakers transmit your message to the passengers.
  • The message series is easily updated by changing the memory card.

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