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Automatic Vehicle Localization (AVL)

Automatic vehicle localization systems (AVLS, aslo known as GPS vehicle localization) are used to track vehicle movements and identify stops on a route. Infodev's AVLS can be added on our existing automatic passenger counting system (APC) using only a small GPS antenna.

Using Infodev's AVL system, you can implement intelligent transit system functionalities easily:


  • Provide added service to your clientele without driver intervention.
  • Track your vehicles via GPS.
  • Optimize your schedules.
  • Single out slow areas.
  • Use you GPS vehicles trackins system to get a visual representation of your routes and terminals on a map.


The automatic vehicle localization system uses the onboard computer and a GPS antenna. The GPS antenna is installed on the vehicle's roof and connected to the onboard computer. When the vehicle stops, the GPS antenna records the time and location of the vehicle in the onboard computer. The computer may also record other information, such as passenger boardings and alightings, engine signals, oil pressure or odometer signals. Once in the garage, this information is transferred to the garage computer and made available for analysis.