INFODEV     ISO 9001:2008

Indoors Vehicle Localization

This very ingenious system created by Infodev is a practical complement to an automated vehicle localization system.

Presently, when vehicles are parked, their emplacement must be manually entered in the system. This wastes time when the vehicle is parked for the night and when it is retrieved the next day. Moreover, manual data entry is a common source of errors, and can lead to "hunting" the vehicle in the garage needlessly.

With Infodev's indoors vehicle location system, the driver parks his/her vehicle and simply walks away. The next day, the driver keys in the vehicle number and sees where it is on a representation of your garage or depot. No hunting. No time wasted.

Moreover, the indoors vehicle localization system can also track the vehicle inside the garage, keep logs of when it was refuelled, washed or spent time in the mechanics' workshop.


  • Save time and aggravation - the system always knows where the vehicle is parked.
  • Keep track of vehicle movements inside the garage.


The indoors vehicle localization system requires some hardware installation:

  • Small infrared emitters are installed on each vehicle. These infrared emitters broadcast the vehicle's ID.
  • Small infrared receivers are installed in the garage or depot ceiling, above the parking area and in other zones, such as the mechanics' workshop, the fuel dock, etc.
  • The receivers are networked with a PC and send the vehicle IDs they detect in their zone.