INFODEV     ISO 9001:2008

Digital Video Event Recorder

This compact digital video camera is a great complement to Infodev's APC system. Controlled by our on-board computer, it can have many uses:

  • Position the camera above doors to certify Infodev's passenger-counting accuracy with video clips of events when doors open and close. A special software can later help you compare manual counts from the video clips with the counting system's counts.
  • Position the camera to look inside the vehicle and study passenger behaviour, method of payment, or any other visual parameter in the vehicle.
  • Position the vehicle to look outside the vehicle and study road conditions.


  • Its small size makes it easy to install anywhere in the vehicle.
  • Certify your counting system's accuracy with real evidence. Manual checkers can work in a relaxed environment and replay the video clips several times if necessary.
  • Get a realistic picture of driving conditions by filming both inside and outside factors.
  • Obtain valuable information without requiring an action from the driver. He can focus on his/her driving without the distraction of operating the camera.


The camera is housed in a sturdy aluminium die-cast casing and connected to the DL-10B. The DL-10B on-board computer detects when the required conditions are met and sends a signal to the camera to start or stop filming. Once in the garage, the on-board computer downloads the data directly to the garage computer for further analysis.