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Using Infrared Modems to Collect Data Automatically

A wireless network automates data transfers, thus freeing your personnel for more important tasks. Moreover, if you have a large vehicle fleet equipped with passenger counting systems, it becomes essential to automate data transfers.

An infrared network is simple and effective. The garage infrared modem is usually installed in the service dock area, or anywhere the vehicles stop regularly. Once the vehicle and garage modems come face to face, data transfer is automatically initiated.

While the vehicle's infrared modem is connected to the on-board computer in the vehicle, the infrared modem(s) in the garage is connected to a computer. This computer has access to your database server, which, in turn, supplies our web-based report application with data. Counting data goes from vehicle to report seamlessly, without human intervention.

Networking schematics for a passenger counting system with infrared modems