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Employee Mandatory Daily Health Declaration

Contract No. 20-001-06-ACAC, Automatic passenger


According to Section 4 of the Covid-19 EMPLOYEE SAFETY PLAN doc#14541. For contract No.20-001-06-ACAC with Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). This apply to Infodev's employees and subcontrators on site.

4.1 COVID-19 Work Place Preventive Measures Question

Please, when out of the workplace remove the masks/respirators from a the sealed storage, installed it in a safe place at room temperature in order to make sure they get proper ventilation and remove humidity.

4.2 Covid-19 Employee Prevention Questions

4.3 Covid-19 Symptoms Questions


Please note that the declaration will be send to multiple email addresses to both Infodev and Septa management.

* In order to ensure the protection of all our employees, management reserves the right to assess any false declaration or breach of protection instructions and to impose penalties up to and including dismissal.

Confidential - For internal use only - ©2020 Infodev EDI Inc

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