Infodev EDI is proud to offer career opportunities to employees from multiple backgrounds and throughout the ages. To discover more about our commitment to the diversity of age and origin of our employees, please visit this page.

At INFODEV EDI, we strongly believe that as a corporation, we can make a difference in the lives of our employees and our community. The majority of our donations are made towards three pillars of human life : Health, Knowledge and Community.

At INFODEV EDI, we believe we can be part of the solution for a better life for future generations and for the planet. We believe that a company working in collaboration with its employees as well as its customers can have a great influence on its environmental impact.

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Les professionnels d’INFODEV EDI peuvent vous aider à concevoir et développer votre nouveau projet dès les premières étapes du processus. Notre personnel dévoué et compétent se fera un plaisir de vous assister dans la conception et la mise en œuvre de votre projet en plus de vous fournir des résultats impeccables.

Un membre de notre équipe vous contactera sous peu.

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