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In operation since 1993, INFODEV EDI is the world leader in terms of raw accuracy in Automatic Passenger Counting system industry. Throughout the years, INFODEV EDI has developed a highly accurate system accompanied by automated data transfer tools and GPS-based, real-time tracking applications. Our APC system tells you when and where passengers board and get off, as well as how many are on board at any time. Explore our reliable transit solutions and discover how we establish new standards in the passenger counting industry.

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Our APC systems are renowned for their accuracy and reliability, requiring little maintenance or action. INFODEV EDI offers a complete solution using a unique ingenious ”bolt-on” design that is currently in operation at major transit agencies. In addition, our exceptional precision enables us to provide accurate real-time occupancy to ensure operators and passengers satisfaction. We share our expertise and technology with our customers through powerful and customizable Web Analytic Tools and Passenger App, providing you with innovative Big Data Information.

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«The key to our success has been the incredibly talented design staff of INFODEV and the unlimited cooperation and dedication they show in addressing issues and delivering products that are robust, efficient, reliable and meet our needs. This applies to both custom manufactured hardware and the various software applications, which are extensive.»

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Keith d. Martin

Director of Operations - Winnipeg Transit

INFODEV is proud to have been a key contributor to Winnipeg Transit’s success in winning a

« National Exceptional Performance and Outstanding Achievement Award »

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