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What is Automatic Passenger Counting?

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Throughout the years, Infodev EDI has developed a highly accurate Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) system to help transit agencies and operators across the globe. Our APC system tells you when and where passengers board and get off, as well as how many are on board at any time, thanks to our automated data transfer tools and GPS-based real-time tracking applications. Explore our reliable transit solutions and discover how we establish new standards in the passenger counting industry.

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Automatic Passenger Counting is an effective way to count boarding and alighting passengers on transit vehicles such as trains and buses. With 30 years of experience, our automatic sensors provide clients with accurate and insightful data. Our system can be connected to many vehicle parameters and optional accessories to provide a comprehensive overview of your vehicle fleet.

Extensive Data

APC data meets transit business intelligence

Counting Passengers in Trains, Buses, Tramways, and Subways is becoming essential to running a transit agency, no matter the size of your operations. With reliable Passenger Data, either historical or available in real-time, you have access to numerous actionable key metrics such as:

Ridership Occupancy

Ridership & Occupancy

Transit on time

Schedule Adherence & Operations

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Infodev's Micropoints Technology

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Product Design, Development and Production

We are proud to be completely responsible of our APC system’s development; from design to commissioning.

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NTD and more

Governmental Ridership Reporting

Our APC data is increasingly used by transit agencies and operators around the world for Governmental Ridership Reporting. Automatically collected and processed ridership data makes your reporting effortless.

For our USA clients, our data is qualified for NTD reporting.

The Steps

Planning your Future APC System

The acquisition, installation, and commissioning of a new Automatic Passenger Counting system, requires effective preparation and supervision. Infodev’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you with the design and implementation of your project and provide you with successful outcomes. In the early stage of a new project, they can help you to:

Infodev APC Plannification

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INFODEV EDI’s professionals can help you design and develop your new project during the very first steps of the process. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you with the design and implementation of your project and provide you with flawless results.

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