Discover the new generation of detection
Real time detection
Provide your crew and passenger with accurate information in real time.
Historic data
Discover patterns and recurring issues with our historic data.
GDPR Ready
Get all the info you need while respecting your passengers privacy.
AI detection technology

introducing AIIIM Technology

Infodev EDI is proud to present its new detection technology; AIIIM®. Based on AI tech, our new system combines our proven APC algorithms with an advance AI approach, putting Infodev’s at the forefront of innovation.

Infodev technology captures multiple images of each train compartment, buses or vehicles every second. Those images are processed and analyzed in real time with Infodev A.I. based detection algorithms to measure the number of persons standing, the number of free seats and also to detect objects, such as luggage, in each compartment or vehicle.

Our real time counting data is precious for both your passengers and your crew while our counting historic data is a must for planning your operations.

With AIIIM®, you can access valuable information to make appropriate decisions for your operations.

Improve your passengers' experience

AI detection technology

AIIIM technology can help you give answers to your passengers and crew in real time

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Discover more about your passenger's needs

Learn more about your passengers while respecting their privacy. With Infodev’s AIIIM® Technology you can get access to precious data in real time.

Find trends, patterns and identify issues with our historic counting data.

AIIIM technology can detect and analyse:

* this picture is only used as a tool to describe our process, this is not an actual view of our identification process.

GDPR-compliant or ready-04

Data safety and passenger anonymity is our priority

Data privacy played a major role in our development process. This new technology meets Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensures the anonymity of your passenger and the security of your data. AIIIM® gives you the information you need to take decisions while respecting privacy principles.

How it works


The system can detect passengers and objects in its environment.


Each detection is then classified by our technology. Is it a passenger? Is this a luggage, backpack or a purse?


We can monitor passengers and items for the whole duration of their trip.


Collected information can be used to estimate valuable information such as, time spent on board for each passenger, average boarding and alighting time, Occupancy level per compartment and much more.


This technology is not based on facial recognition and does not identify any specific passenger.

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