Working together for sustainability

At INFODEV EDI we believe we can be part of the solution toward a better life for future generation and for the planet. That is why a lot of our business decisions are made in order to reduce our ecological impact as well as our environmental footprint. We believe a company working together with its employees as well as clients can have a great influence on the sustainability of smart cities.

Products that work

There are many ways we try to integrate sustainability into our business, first of all, through our products. Since most of our components are made in our Quebec’s facility, we do not need to use a lot of transportation, thus reducing our ecological footprint in terms on CO².

Furthermore, our hardware is mostly made of aluminum, a component that comes from our province of Quebec using the power of hydro-electricity and that is said to be one of the most sustainable and recyclable building material. Finally, our products have a long lifecycle and do not need to be replaced  often, and are as a result part of our sustainable solution.

We take every precaution in our design process in order to create the longest life cycle possible for our products.

Making the right decisions

At INFODEV EDI, we work hard to come up with solutions that fit the needs of our clients. Working mainly with transportation companies, we know how this line of business can help the process toward greener and smarter cities. Our hardware and software can provide the right tools for these companies to optimize the routes taken by buses, reduce the number of vehicles depending on passenger ridership and improve scheduling. We believe smart decisions in terms of transportation management can help in respect to a sustainable city. 

But that’s not all. Our counting solutions can also work within buildings, such as casinos, universities, museums or shopping centers, and can provide the necessary tools for a better management of electricity and heat consumption depending on foot traffic.

Everybody is part of the solution

Last, but not least, employee awareness is also a very important part of a sustainable business. Therefore, we always welcome innovative ideas and continuous improvement that have an environmental, ecological or sustainable impact, whether it is with our development strategies, our production, or our partnerships and collaborations.

If you want to learn more about how INFODEV EDI can help your business to be more sustainable in its activities, make sure to contact us!  

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