Why Count People ?

An Automatic People Counting system is a crucial tool in assessing factors affecting traffic and trends among your visitors. INFODEV EDI’s APC system can help your management team improve customer service by assigning the right number of employees, comparing location to understand individual store performances and detecting the average length of a person’s stay in your location. All in real time

  • Easily Create Attractive Reports
  • Respect Safety Regulations
  • Evaluate Environmental Changes
  • Evaluate Your Traffic Flow
  • Optimize Your ROI
  • Turnkey Solutions
Automatic People Counting Systems for Airports - Infodev EDI inc
Automatic People Counting for Museums and Public Building - Infodev EDI inc.
Automatic People Counting Systems for Public buildings and Universities - Infodev EDI inc.

Benefits of our APC systems

  • Modular, Flexible and Simple Architecture
  • Factory-Calibrated Sensor Assemblies
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Produce User-Friendly Reports and Graphs
  • Small, Robust and Reliable
  • Data in Real Time
  • Proven Accuracy Between 97.5% and 99.5%
  • Discreet and Aesthetic
  • Web-Based Reports

Custom-built to your needs

Since every sensor is designed and manufactured at our factory, our team of experts can provide you with a product that will fit exactly your building’s architecture.

  • Fits Any Room or Door
  • Any Color Available
  • In-House Build
Discreet Automatic People Counting Sensors for Retail Application - Infodev EDI


Automatic People Counting Systems & Traffic Analysis Software.