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March 6-8th, 2018

Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre
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Come Meet Infodev EDI at IT-TRANS
Automatic Passenger Counting

For Buses, Trains, Trams, Subways, Railway & Bus Stations

Automatic People Counting

For Shopping Malls, Retails, Airports, Casinos, Librairies, Museums & Public Transport

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Empowering You with Passenger data since 1993

INFODEV EDI develops and installs Automatic Passenger and People Counting Systems (APC) and has been setting quality and reliability standards in this industry since 1993.

Throughout the years, we have learned that our clients sometimes needed more extensive solutions. In order to better serve them, we have developed other products based on our expertise as Engineers and Manufacturers. Our large worldwide footprint coupled with repeat customers business is testimony to the quality of our system.

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> 450 Clients

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30 Years of Experience

”97.5% to 99.5% Accuracy from Pure Counting Data in an Uncontrolled Transit Environment”

Cover - Automatic Passenger Counting Systems for Transit by Infodev EDI inc

With years of unparalleled experience in the field of passenger counting, we understand the many challenges involved in implementing an accurate and reliable Automatic Passenger Counting system within the transit environment. Our highly qualified innovative technologists and problem solvers have a strong understanding of mechanical design, manufacturing and engineering requirements, enabling us to offer pure counting data to meet our client’s needs.

Our APC equipment provides valuable information for Smart Cities upon which investment, revenue protection, service or timetabling decisions can be made.

Cover Automatic People Counting Systems for Buildings by Infodev EDI

In the people counting field, our clients include casinos, shopping centers, stores, airports, and museums. Our Traffic Analysis tools provide tomorrow’s reporting information and performance indicators. We measure your people flow with our reliable people counters and easy to use software, therefore optimizing your costs and ROI, promotions and advertisement, staff’s schedule or eco-energy management.

We would be pleased to advise you on our full range of products and turnkey solutions to meet your needs in the people counting field.

Our expertise appears in every aspect of our solutions

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Modular, Flexible and Simple Architecture

Installation on any vehicle door configuration, wireless or with minimal cabling.

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Factory Calibrated Sensors Assemblies

Do not require any costly and time-consuming recurring manual recalibration or data profiling.

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Original Product Designers and Expert Advisors

Resulting in timely issue resolution and a sense of satisfaction, connectivity and partnership.

As low as 13mm or half of an inch icon

Discreet & Aesthetic

As low as 13.5 mm thick, allowing customized finish that can be easily integrated.

Quick Installation icon - Clock

Quick and Easy Installation

Ingenious ”bolt-on” design that allows for surface or recessed mounting of the counting system.

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Low Maintenance

Effortless and simple, so you can invest your money elsewhere.

How can we help you ?

Hardware manufacturer and experts - for APC and ITS - Infodev EDI inc.

Explore our reliable transit solutions and discover how we establish new standards in the passenger counting industry.

Computers with Infodev EDI Schedule Adherence software

We developed a complete suite of modular online applications for the management, operation and diagnostics of your passenger or people counting system.

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We are committed to understand the needs and expectations of our customers and to provide them with products and services that meet or exceed their requirements.